Rules to Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry, like expensive suits or evening dresses, requires careful handling and some care. The less you wear your products, the longer they will retain their original appearance. Therefore, when returning home, it is better to remove and store jewelry in a specially designated place for them. This way you will not damage them by doing household chores. Plus, let your fingers, ears, and neck to have some rest.

Surely you want the jewelry to remain as beautiful for decades as it was on the day you bought it. This is easy to achieve by following simple rules to wearing jewelry.

  1. The rules apply to all jewelry and inserts.
  2. When using jewelry, we strongly recommend avoiding the following points:
    1. Careless and improper handling (various mechanical damage);
    2. Contact with acids and alkalis (including various detergents);
    3. Contact with substances containing chlorine, iodine, mercury, sulfur and their compounds (can be found, for example, in cosmetics, and pool water);
    4. Contact with solvents (e.g., nail polish remover, stain remover, or detergents);
    5. Exposure to open fire, high and low temperatures (for instance, in a sauna or solarium);
    6. Exposure to dyes (varnishes, paints);
    7. Exposure to abrasive substances and materials (e.g., nail file, household cleaners, or toothpaste);
    8. Exposure to radiation (e.g., radioactive, X-ray and ultraviolet);
    9. Contact with chemicals that may damage the product.
  3. DO NOT USE ultrasonic cleaning at home. Exposure to ultrasound can damage jewelry or inserts.
  4. When cleaning jewelry, adhere to the "Caring for Your Jewelry" rules (taking into account the provisions of clause 2 of these Rules of use).
  5. Store each item separately in a soft case to avoid scratches and sheared surfaces.
  6. When transferring a piece of jewelry to a jewelry workshop, make sure that the master is familiar with these Rules to Wearing Jewelry.


Observing these simple Rules to Wearing Jewelry, you do not have to not be afraid for the integrity of your jewelry. Over time, we can add new items to them, so we advise you to periodically visit this page. All changes come into effect from the moment they are published on the ZBIRD website.

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