Caring for Your Jewelry

So that over the years the jewelry does not lose its beauty, it needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Here are simple rules for how to do it right, without harming the jewelry itself.

  1. If you wear it frequently, we advise you to clean the product every 3-4 months, observing the "Rules to Wearing Jewelry" prescribed on our website.
  2. It is better to brush with a soft toothbrush in warm soapy water, using non-aggressive soap (exceptions in points 3 and 4).
  3. Pearls, opal, turquoise, coral, enamel, mother of pearl, ivory - rinse in cold water. These inserts do not like cosmetics, perfumes, and bright sunlight.
  4. We do not recommend brushing thin, fragile, antiques, and jewelry with emeralds, only rinsing with water.
  5. Jewelry with diamonds can be soaked overnight in a weak ammonia solution (5 drops of ammonia per glass of water). This method is only applicable for diamond jewelry and is not suitable for other inserts.
  6. Before using professional jewelry cleaning products, carefully read the instructions for use. Some products can damage the inserts. To avoid contact with the inserts, use special jewelry cleaning wipes. After cleaning, rinse the product with warm water.
  7. DO NOT USE ultrasonic cleaning at home. Exposure to ultrasound can damage the product or inserts. Trust this type of cleaning only to a professional jeweler.
  8. You can clean your jewelry in any jewelry repair shop. Craftsmen will be able to determine the appropriate type of cleaning and return the product to its original appearance. Please read carefully the "Rules to Wearing Jewelry".


As a concern for our customers, we service all ZBIRD jewelry free of charge. Once a year, bring your jewelry to our showroom (Kyiv, 8 Vaclav Havel Boulevard, bldg. 4). We will clean them for free, remove the soap film, polish them, make rhodium plating and return them completely new in a day.

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