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Jewelry to order is a special language used by people who have achieved success. Even if you prefer to go without jewelry, there are times when you should still wear them. For example, at a social event, surrounded by your friends, colleagues, or partners, you need an element that will once again remind you of your achievements.

An exclusive ring or signet ring is ideal for such a jewelry. Add your coat of arms, initials, surname, or other significant signs to it and it will become a priceless family jewel.

Thanks to the experience of our jewelers, we can produce for you an exclusive piece of jewelry of any size and complexity. Together with you, we will develop an individual jewelry design, select metal, and precious stones. This will be a unique piece of jewelry, just for you.

The cost of an exclusive ZBIRD ring is 2-3 thousand dollars.

At ZBIRD, a whole creative team is involved in the creation of jewelry. The work begins with a designer's sketch. Then the 3D designer makes a three-dimensional model, which we print on a 3D printer. At the next stage, the master casts the model in metal. Then one jeweler assembles the piece and transfers it to another for fixing stones, a third specialist makes polishing. By the way, the quality of diamonds is checked by our in-house gemologist. After that, the Assay Office of Ukraine puts a stamp on the jewelry, and we attach our tag to it. All in all, the jewelry is ready.

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of professionals, we create the jewelry of impeccable quality.

We deliver rings in high-quality brand Zbird packaging (box + bag).


A diamond engagement ring is a special type of jewelry. For a girl, it means the seriousness of your intentions, attention to the proposal itself, and a willingness to take care of her. For girlfriends and friends, this is an indicator of your position in society, generosity, willingness to take care of the bride, and your sense of taste.

How to find the perfect engagement rings?

  1. Choose an engagement ring from the ZBIRD catalog.
  2. Make changes to one of our models: add or remove a diamond, change the width, make in a different metal, make an engraving.
  3. Order a custom engagement ring from us. You will have any shades of gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and the imagination of our design department at your disposal.

The cost of a ZBIRD engagement ring is from $ 700-800.


Wedding rings can tell a lot about a couple. They show others your status, attitude towards your family, taste. For you as a couple, they serve as a reminder of your love. They can store signs or words that are invisible to others, but important to you.

Wedding rings are a piece of jewelry for life that you will wear every day. For a man, this may be the only jewelry. Therefore, be careful about the choice.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Rings?

  1. Choose wedding rings from the ZBIRD catalog.
  2. Modify the existing model to your liking.
  3. Order wedding rings from us by individual design.

The cost of ZBIRD wedding rings is from $500 (per ring).


Pendants are created to impress others, to emphasize the beauty and status of a woman. They are worn on special occasions, and therefore must be flawless.

It is customary to attach a gold or silver pendant to clothing, wear it around the neck or arm. A gemstone pendant is an exquisite piece that is worn around the neck and is not combined with additional elements. A correctly chosen jewelry will tell others a lot about the character of its mistress.

On the ZBIRD website, you can choose a pendant or pendant that will definitely become your favorite piece of jewelry. We can also change the existing models a little to best suit your tastes.

Didn't find "your" jewelry? Then we will make a custom pendant or pendant for you, according to your individual design.

The cost of a ZBIRD pendant or pendant is from $ 400.


Earrings with diamonds are purely feminine jewelry that reflects her position in society. Well-chosen earrings open up the depth of the eyes, accentuate individual facial features, and frame the woman's visual appearance.

Every woman will appreciate this graceful gift. Along with rings, exclusive diamond earrings often become heirlooms and are passed from mother to daughter.

Right now on our website, you can:

  1. Choose gold earrings with precious stones from the ZBIRD catalog.
  2. Suggest changes to one of our models (for example, make earrings from silver).
  3. Order custom earrings.

At ZBIRD we create charming diamond earrings starting at the price of $1000.

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