Lifetime Service Maintenance

ZBIRD is the only jewelry company in Ukraine that serves its jewelry free of charge for life if you have a cash register receipt.

You will wear our jewelry almost every day, so do not be surprised if, over time, scratches appear on them, and a film forms on the stones. It's all right. Bring jewelry to our showroom once a year. We will clean them for free, remove the soap film, polish them, make rhodium plating and return them completely new in a couple of days.

Our services include:

  • washing, cleaning, polishing, rhodanizing;
  • increasing/reducing the size of the ring;
  • we carry out individual revision of the product, change the connecting elements, needles and latches;
  • we eliminate deformations;
  • we strengthen stones;
  • additionally we apply engraving.

To order the service, call the manager and come to our showroom (Kyiv, 8 Vaclav Havel Boulevard, bldg. 4) with a decoration and a cash receipt.

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