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Peculiarities of evaluating and buying diamonds with GIA, HRD, IGI certificates in Kiev

A diamond is a unique gift that can tell the recipient a little more than even the most eloquent words. For many centuries it was a diamond that all men and women wanted to buy - it is a symbol of energy, power, and success. This stone, which was created especially for the winners, is the talisman of many strong personalities such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Louis IV, and many others. And if earlier the sale of diamonds was limited, today the ZBIRD online store of diamonds will be able to provide jewelry for every taste and wallet in the widest range.

Online store ZBIRD - the leader in the world of diamonds

On our website are presented luxurious white diamonds that can surprise not only with their beauty but also with their price. You will definitely find the optimal solution that will be the perfect gift for your beloved woman, symbolizing a strong and long-term relationship, and will also be an excellent investment - prices for diamonds never fall, so even over the years you can sell them at a better price. At this time, we will make sure that you can buy a diamond in Kyiv of the highest quality, which can surprise even a seasoned connoisseur of jewelry with its clarity and cut.

What affects the cost of a diamond in Kyiv and Ukraine?

Stone weight

In general, three categories of diamonds are distinguished by weight (one carat equals 0.2 grams):

  • small stones - 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 05 and up to 0.29 diamonds carats;
  • medium stones - 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 and up to 0.99 carats;
  • large stones - 1 carat, 2 carats, and more.

It is the weight that is the key characteristic because stones even with the same cross-section can look completely different. In order to evaluate the stone by weight, jewelers use the Tavernier principle. If diamonds up to 5 carats are sold, then the assessment is based on the following scheme: the produced mass of the crystal, squared, at the base price of one carat. This would mean that the price of a 2-carat diamond will be twice as expensive as a 1-carat diamond. A 3-carat diamond will be 10 times more expensive than a 1-carat diamond. Diamonds 6 carats and above are only sold at auctions. Diamonds from 25 carats have separate names each.

Stone color

When someone talks about the color of a diamond, a catalog with transparent and sparkling stones is immediately formed in the head. But not everyone knows that in fact there are diamonds of completely different colors in the world. The mineral can have natural structural defects or be colored with various shades of chemical impurities. The sale price of diamonds directly depends on the color. If a diamond has an unusually bright color, then it will cost more than a flawless pure mineral. The most common colors are yellow and brown, but blue, pink, and green are rare. Such diamonds are called fancy.

Stone purity

The cost of a mineral is also affected by its cost. If the stone does not have any cracks, inclusions, or other defects, then it will be valued much more than a defective stone. Today, there are 8 levels of diamond clarity, which start from perfectly clean and flawless stones, ending with those in which defects can be seen even without special equipment. Such a diamond can be bought in Ukraine at a relatively low price.

The facet quality of the stone

The facet is more important than the shape of the diamond. It is the cut that makes the gem shine. But how to determine how well the stone was cut? According to jewelers, the correct cut allows a diamond to reflect 99% of light. It should consist of a crown, pavilion, and girdle. Jewelers always maintain a certain level of proportions between these components, which allows quality stones to shine, delighting their owners.

Who are diamonds for?

To say that diamonds are suitable for some girls and not for others is a deception. In fact, it all depends on what kind of jewelry we are talking about. About the type, weight, and metal of the jewelry. When a girl is young, small gold items with colorless diamonds are more suitable for her: small pendants with a stone, earrings, etc. But for married women, jewelry with large-sized diamonds is the optimal solution, and here you can already order diamonds in Kyiv of any color.

Rules for the care of diamond jewelry

If you bought diamonds, you need to protect this gift of nature from sudden temperature changes. Remove the product before doing housework, going to the tanning salon, or other procedures where high temperatures may be affected. Put on the jewelry only after you have done the styling, put on makeup, and use perfume - all this can negatively affect the appearance of the jewelry. If any dirt appears on the stone, you can clean it with soapy water and a stiff brush. Store diamonds in a separate jewelry box.

Where to buy cheap diamonds in Ukraine from the manufacturer?

The ZBIRD online store offers to diamonds buy online from the manufacturer that have GIA, HRD, IGI certificates, which will confirm the high level of quality. Absolutely every stone that you see in the catalog was carefully selected by our specialist, who took into account carat, clarity, and color so that you get the perfect solution at the desired price. We value our own reputation, so for each stone, we are ready to provide a certificate confirming the level of quality - you will know what you are wearing or giving. A convenient catalog with filters so that you could make a choice as simple and convenient as possible, you just need to specify the desired parameters. If difficulties arise, our experienced manager-consultant will come to the rescue. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine: Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, and other regions of the country.

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