To determine the value of a diamond, you need to study its basic characteristics (color, clarity, faceting, and weight) and the current price of one carat.

Let's briefly consider the main characteristics of the stone.

  1. Color - colorless, with faint shades of different colors or with bright colors (fantasy).
  2. Purity - the presence of defects (cracks, inclusions of other minerals), their size, and quantity.
  3. Facets - with a good facet, the stone "plays" with light and shines vividly. The better the facet, the higher the price.
  4. Weight - measured in carats (1 ct - 0.2 grams). There are small (up to 0.29 ct), medium (0.3 - 0.99 ct) and large (over 1 ct).  

Having determined all four parameters, we can find out the final price of a diamond using generally recognized price lists. For example, the RAPAPORT price list, which is regularly updated and recognized all over the world.

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