The ZBIRD Jewelry company has been working in the Ukrainian market since 2011.

We are specialized in making jewelry with diamonds and other precious stones. Our main focus is wedding and engagement rings, diamond jewelry in gold and platinum.

Our mission is that in Ukraine everyone could have an opportunity to afford jewelry with high-quality diamonds. We even have one secret rule: we add a diamond to any kind of jewelry for every couple – it’s a gift from the ZBIRD.

We offer quality jewelry at affordable prices compared to other jewelry stores. We succeed in this thanks to the following principles of work:

  • we do not manufacture the entire model range at once, but only very popular models. We make only samples from the collections of wedding rings. Therefore, we do not have any extra jewelry we did not sell;
  • our team consists of professionals who specialize in specific tasks. We do hire a lot of staff;
  • we have our own certified expert gemologist. We do not need to invite gemologists from other companies to evaluate stones;
  • we sell online. Unlike other jewelry brands, we do not need to include store rent and salesperson salaries at the price of the item.

We constantly follow the trends of jewelry fashion and develop our collections. If you wish, you can prove yourself as a designer and work with us to design your jewelry.

In our products, we use only natural stones, obtained by legal means and brought into the country under the requirements of the Law of Ukraine. Each of our jewelry meets the requirements of DSTU 3527-97, they have samples from the Assay Chamber of Ukraine, the manufacturer's tag must be attached. Along with the jewelry, you will receive a ZBIRD corporate certificate, which contains all the parameters of the product and the information of precious stones used.

We deliver all jewelry in high-quality branded packaging (box + bag).


Jewelry owner and technologist

The ZBIRD’s Owner and manager, expert gemologist, and jeweler production technologist.

Sergej has been in the jewelry business since 2003. During this time, he went through all the stages, from the seller to the leading technologist. Today Sergej works as a technologist in several companies abroad (Turkey and Thailand). As a certified gemologist, he evaluates precious and semi-precious stones.

Founding the ZBIRD Jewelry Company, Sergej was prompted by the desire to create high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. He formulated the mission of the company as follows - so that in Ukraine everyone can afford jewelry with high-quality diamonds.


Our mission is that in Ukraine everyone could have an opportunity to afford jewelry with high-quality diamonds. We even have one secret rule: we add a diamond to any kind of jewelry for every couple – it’s a gift from the ZBIRD.


Having opened the ZBIRD jewelry company in 2011, we immediately focused on creating high-quality and stylish jewelry at an affordable price.

Nowadays our products in terms of quality and design compete on equal terms with the products of foreign companies. We not only keep a favorable price in the Ukrainian market but also give a lifetime service and a guarantee for our products, which no one else does.

How have we done so?

  • modern technologies for processing metals and precious stones;
  • own production (from sketch to new collection);
  • professional jewelers and your own gemologist;
  • distribution of all processes for individual specialists;
  • efficient logistics to maintain an affordable price.

The ZBIRD is a close-knit team that runs like a clock. Because of the experience of each employee and streamlined processes, we quickly and efficiently produce any jewelry.

Our work on each item starts with the designer's sketch. Then the 3D designer makes a three-dimensional model, which we print on a 3D printer. At the next stage, the master moulds the model in metal. Then one jeweler mounts the item and hands over to another one for inserts attachment as well as polishing. It remains only to put an assay mark from the Assay Chamber of Ukraine (the only thing that we do not do ourselves) and that's it, the jewelry is ready.

You have an opportunity to choose a piece of jewelry from the catalog on the website or order an individual design.

We follow the next expression: "The jewelry must suit the particular customer". For instance, when creating a ring, we will definitely meet with its future owner and take a finger measure. If other stores are limited to standard sizes (15, 16.5, 18, etc.), then we can make the size as accurate as possible (for example, 15.3). Besides, we take into account the thickness of the phalanx and joint. We can make a chamfer or cut inside the ring so that the product fits comfortably and does not hang loose. This is how we approach the manufacture of all products, of any size and weight.

We develop model lines for leading jewelry companies in Ukraine and Europe. That is, we make a sketch, a 3D model, and a model in metal. Then we come to the customer and show how to produce this collection.

In our products, we use a high-quality ligature of the certified European company Progold. This alloy does not contain nickel and therefore does not cause allergic reactions. Moreover, we work with hypoallergenic platinum 950.

All gemstones have a quality certificate from our gemologist.

We deliver all jewelry in high-quality branded packaging (box + bag).

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