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The prices on our website are 20-70% lower than in retail stores, since we are a manufacturer.
Lifetime warranty and free service (cleaning, polishing).
We give each customer a diamond, which we additionally put in a piece of jewelry.
100% quality assurance. All decorations are stamped by the Assay Office of Ukraine.
All jewelry is sold in high quality packaging and with a gift bag.
Information about jewelry is presented in a complete, most convenient form for understanding.
We have a gemologist in our team certified by the homological center of Ukraine.
When buying a ring from us, you don’t have to worry whether the size will fit. We will resize for free after purchase.
We provide the largest selection of diamonds in terms of size and characteristics, the client can choose a gem himself and create a jewelry with it.
Each client is very important for us, as 50% of purchases from us are made repeatedly or on recommendation.
We always have a large assortment of jewelry in stock, with different gems in size and quality.
We can return and exchange jewelry within 14 days.
We have our own full-cycle production.
You don’t need to go to shopping centers and shops, you have the opportunity to choose jewelry calmly, slowly and deliberately make your choice.
When buying jewelry, you can order laser engraving for free.
Delivery of our diamond jewelry to all cities of Ukraine is absolutely free.
Our products are of high quality, as they are made of pure gold and Italian ligature.
All employees of our company are experts in their field.
If jewelry is absent in stock, it can be made to order (1-5 working days).
We can produce our jewelry in yellow, white or rose gold 585 or 750 or platinum 900 or 950.
We hold constant promotions for the most popular jewelry models, there is a system of discounts.
We have a retail department where you can view our most popular jewelry, see the quality of work and place an order.
Our use of 3D modeling technology together with a team of professionals makes it possible to manufacture any jewelry according to your photograph or sketch.


is the perfect gift for every woman


Jewelry is the perfect gift for every woman

For many centuries jewelry made of precious metals has been a symbol of prosperity and wealth, status and style, affection, and love. For the first time, jewelry appears with us at an early age, and over the years we want their number to only grow, especially since the catalog of jewelry products can surprise even the most demanding customer. Your task is to make your choice - gold or platinum. It is these two metals that will retain their beautiful appearance for a long time, having not only aesthetic but also financial value. And precious stones - diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires - can complement such an expensive frame.

The widest catalog of exclusive jewelry

If you do not tolerate uniformity and are eager to stand out from the crowd down, including in terms of jewelry, then the Zbird online store is always ready to help. We always go to meet our client who wants to buy jewelry with diamonds or other precious materials, but he/she is not interested in mass production. It is with us that such discerning buyers have the opportunity to order a piece of jewelry by looking at the catalog of offers, or by providing an example of the desired product from other sources.

Custom-made jewelry will be the ideal solution for buyers who are eager to make a gift to a loved one. Such a present makes sense and will definitely be highly appreciated by the recipient for whom it was intended. You have an opportunity to bring us a drawing, photograph, or sketch of the jewelry, and our talented jeweler will already make an exact copy, taking into account your wishes. Our jewelry factory has precious stones and metals for every taste and wallet - rubies, gold, emeralds, platinum, sapphires, and others. You can be sure that with us you will not just buy a Jewelry for a loved one, but will participate in the creation process, which is much more pleasant.

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of exclusive jewelry

5 reasons to contact us

Throughout our activity, we do our best to ensure that our valued customers receive high-quality service when buying jewelry. But how does our ZBIRD Jewelry shop differ from competitors?

Affordable price for each piece. Together with us, you will understand that ordering jewelry in Kyiv, Ukraine, is real. Our jewelry factory independently manufactures each piece, at this time adheres to low-key pricing policy and believes that jewelry with precious stones should be affordable for everyone, and not just for selected people. At the same time, for regular customers, we offer a flexible system of discounts and bonuses, which makes a purchase from our store as profitable as possible.

High level of quality. Our own production base allows you to carefully control the manufacturing process of products absolutely at all stages of production. The quality indicators of jewelry are recorded by the control authorities and are confirmed with the help of appropriate quality certificates.

The widest assortment. The catalog of our jewelry factory contains exclusively proven, reliable and stylish jewelry that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyer. We do our best so that the catalog of our products becomes wider every day so that you had an opportunity to choose a product that will pleasantly surprise you. Today the catalog contains highly artistic products that have a simply flawless design.

Fashion trends are followed. Jewelry is not a simple thing, but an object dear to the heart that has been worn for many years. But, despite this fact, jewelry fashion changes absolutely every season. When creating a collection, we also take into account modern trends.

Exclusive offers. Our jewelry store offers not only those items that you see in the catalog, but also we are ready to make jewelry on order. Our jewelers will be happy to work with your individual order - you can bring your own sketch, or we can modify any model that is already presented in our catalog.

Buying jewelry in the ZBIRD online store is easy!

Absolutely every time a man presents jewelry to a woman, she becomes even happier and understands that she is loved. So why not make your beloved lady happy right now? If you want to give your loved one joy, you just need to pick up a piece of jewelry from the assortment of the ZBIRD store or provide our craftsmen with a sketch of the jewelry you want to see. To place an order, you just need to click on the "Buy" button and fill out the proposed form or call our company manager. Buy online and save your time! We work around the clock and seven days a week, so you can rely on us whenever you have an impulse to please your loved one. If you have any difficulties during the choice, an experienced manager-consultant is always ready to help you select the product, taking into account your wishes and financial capabilities. Delivery is carried out anywhere in Ukraine: Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Chernivtsi, and other regions.

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